Making Time

Making Time is an initiative that offers arts education to care givers of older people.

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 We have seen the extent to which art can instil value, dignity and well being in people and recognise the multiple benefits that an arts education can bring to the healthcare profession. From facilitating meaningful conversations that deepen personal relationships with residents, to improving empathy levels through the communication of human experience, to improving the quality of life of the care givers themselves, the arts are uniquely positioned to empower, individualise and engage people.

Our workshops are simple and straightforward and require no previous art knowledge. 

Our courses enable a broad range of care givers to lead art workshops

Participation in the arts for older people in care has been shown to

  • Improve alertness, happiness, positive emotional state and independence
  • Improve social interaction, 
  • Improve verbal and non verbal communication 
  • Improve face name recognition
  • Improve ability to recall life events
  • Decrease fear, anxiety and agitation
  • Aid bonding between service users and caregivers

We create bespoke series of art workshops that are suitable for older people and people with dementia. We provide training for caregivers to enable them to lead these sessions, printed resources to support the activities and the appropriate art materials needed. The workshops are simple and straightforward to lead, require no previous art knowledge and can be refreshed biannually.



Our courses increase caregiver well-being and maximise empathy and compassion

Participation the arts for caregivers has been shown to:

  • Assist in processing the human experiences that they are exposed to
  • Improve empathy
  • Improve skills of observation
  • Increase awareness
  • Aid communication and deepen relationships between care givers and receivers
  • Aid understanding of care receivers on an individualised basis 
  • Grow understanding of people across genders, races and cultures

We create bespoke series of art sessions that are suitable for integration into nursing and caregiving staff introductory training. Our tailored art workshops aim to improve staff well being and equip them to treat residents as a ‘person’ and not a ‘diagnosis’. We also provide training that enables caregivers to lead one on one or small group sessions for residents who require more acute individualised care.

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